Podcast Montreal is a Network of podcasts from the region of Montreal (Qc). I think that part was clear enough.

A podcast network is a collection of podcasts that are distributed or made available to advertisers (and listeners) through a single company or network. We do all of these things.

With the PMN’s website, listeners can access their favorite podcasts on our podcast network, on-demand, wherever and whenever they want.

Share your favorite shows with a friend. They’ll love you for it!

Our goal is to create a free space for podcasters who have trouble being found by Montrealers. Our website features some of the most active podcasts so that you don’t have to run around the web trying desperately to find fun podcasts near you! Listen and rate to all the shows and let us know which you love best!

Please note that most of our shows do have explicit language and should be listened with discretion. So, don’t forget your headphones! Your work computer might not be the best place for some of these.

We are always on the lookout for more shows! If you are an MTL podcaster, you can totally email us at info@podcastmontreal.com

This website is up because we LOVE podcasting and want to make sure that the media doesn’t go unnoticed.