AWA 004 – Unibrow Bonnet Yoga

On this week’s episode, we help you men to make a BETTER DATING PROFILE to that you can find a date on V-day. We discuss what we hate to see and our general opinion about it.

Happy [upcoming] Valentine’s day!

Rox talks about her Portuguese baptism experience, Kim talks about how everything gives you cancer, and Isa goes on a date with a Mennonite ?

We drank : GOOD WOOD – and we gave it 2.8/5

In the news :

Events of the weekend :

Darwin’s birthday (uni students) :
Precision hips :
Open your hips yoga :
Yoga in the dark :
Yoga Putlock :
Digestive Yoga (hand stand, sounds counter productive) :
Audition Daniel & Desiré :
Souper Rencontre avec DJ Gilles Gauthier :
Salsa Kizomba Haut Rouge (everything Red) :
Soirée Cupidon 40 and over :
Soirée St-Valentin St-Léonard :
All you can eat buffet, Valentine’s day edition (because nothing says sexy like three plate-fulls of world-wide shit food.) :
Speed dating workout :
Supervised sexo-analysis group exchange :
Decorative boxes :
Gingerbread houses with the ones you love and the ones you can tolerate  :



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